About me? Hmm… Married since 1991 to the same hot chick. :) We have two great kids and a cluster of cats. Last year, we bought a foreclosed house and completely renovated it. Ugh!! Glad to be done and moved in. And we love it.

When I’m not kilt deep in leather dye and furry hides, I put my creative skills to use in custom web site design. My first design came after I talked best selling author Faith Hunter into letting me design her website in 2006. Since then, I have designed numerous sites for myself and others. Be sure and check out my other web designs here at CreativeDragonDesigns.com. I have also designed many custom desktop wallpapers and book covers which you can find here on this site. I love to design unique images that cater to your styles and needs.

As a means to end my renovation frustrations, I started back up at an old hobby of mine – leatherwork. Specifically making Scottish targes. I saw a detailed one at the Loch Norman Games that had made it’s way over from Scotland and I had to have one. Through trial, error, and many a late night, my first leather Scottish targe was created.  The oohs, aahs, and delight of friends urged me to make more and to make them available for sale to the public. Although the reno has ended, the satisfaction of seeing hide and fur become a tooled Scottish targe shield has become a labor of love and continues to this day.

Requests from friends and leather items needed for my own personal use lead to the creation of other items in the Highland Targe product line. My items to date include celtic knot leather braclets, leather bracers, leather straps, leather belts, several leather sporrans, and even a custom commissioned mini-targe. Be sure to check out my leather artistry over at HighlandTarge.com.


I hope you enjoy your visit here and if you would like a custom designed website or custom artwork for your project, please contact me.

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