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The right web site design is very important depending on the audience you are targeting. I have been building sites since 2006 and I have seen my share of poorly designed sites. Deciding what is right for you takes bit of work on all parties involved. What type of site do you want? Have you looked around to see what other people are doing with their sites? What did you like? What did you not like? How often are you going to be updating the content on your site. Have you thought about what kind of content you are going to have? Have you made lists of what you want? Have you thought about what a site might cost you? Do you have a budget already in place? Do you already own your Domain Name (your www.com address)? These are all questions that I’m going to ask you. So take a little time and do some research about the things you want for your site. I can help you answer these questions and more.

When approached about doing site, I like to take a look at the things you want in a site and lay it out to see how the design will work for you. I do design with your budget in mind. Some of the basic needs of a site include what you want to see on the HOME page of your site. an ABOUT ME page also a must. I will also include what ever means you have to connect with you on other sites (email, twitter, facebook, etc…). Basic web sites start at about $500.00. The more content you have will increase the cost of designing and implementation.

The most important way to keep costs down is for you to be prepared to add the content to the site itself. I prefer to use WordPress to run the site. They have tons to documentation and tutorials available to here you run a site. One of the other things that will be important in running a successful site is having your own server. I prefer to use BlueHost servers to run sites. If you don”t already have a server, I recommend taking a look at them.

The theme (the visual appearance) of your site is where we work out what your site will actually look like.  Customization of your theme will increase the cost of the site. Just how much depends on the amount of art, design, and layout you want. It is a collaborative process. I will communicate with you about what you think of the progress as we are building. You will have access to see the site in it’s testing server.I will also give basic instruction so that you will know how to use your site.

Once the site goes live, I will make sure that all links and images are correctly displayed and working. And most importantly make sure you are happy with how it looks.

So if you are contemplating a new site, or a redesign of an older site, go take a look around and make notes about what you want. When you are ready to get started please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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